2013 RAM Chassis Cab

2013 RAM Chassis Cab – The Working Truck

The 2013 RAM Chassis Cab Truck is built for working men and women. Its framework is to allow an aftermarket bed that is designed for a specific job to be installed. Many special designed beds are available on the market to assist the worker to get the job done. A few examples are utility beds with side bins to carry items that are needed on the job such as a plumber, electrician, or welder. Other uses are for emergency vehicles such as EMTs or fire trucks. They are used for heavy towing allowing a small company to deliver vehicles or operate a lawn service just to name a few. (first picture lawn service)
When purchasing a RAM Chassis Cab planning must be involved so the right truck for the job is utilized. RAM Trucks offers Chassis Cab Trucks for the purpose of hauling or towing in Regular, Quad or Crew Cabs, with Automatic or Manual Transmissions, and 4X4 or 4X2 Wheel Drives. Each is engineered and designed to meet the job requirements you need to make your job easier to perform and minimize expenses. These trucks will pull heavier loads; carry more weight while still providing the comfort and room of the lighter weight RAM Trucks.

The RAM Chassis Cab is available in 3 models. With a powerful frame the models RAM 3500, RAM 4500, and RAM 5500 are designed to
handle the heavy jobs of towing and hauling with 143.5, 167.5, or 173.4 inch wheelbases. The 3500 Tradesman Regular Cab is available with a powerful 5.7L HEMI® VVT with 383 Horsepower and a 6-speed Automatic Transmission. 52 Gallon Fuel Tank, Anti- Spin Rear Differential, and many more options including the popular Uconnect Media Center.

The RAM Chassis Cab 4500 is available in two models the Tradesman and SLT are available with powerful 6.7L Cunnings® Turbo
Diesel Engine producing 650 ft-lb of torque to haul or tow heavy loads. Choose from a Regular or Crew Cab in 4X2 or 4X4 with up
to a 204.5 inch wheelbase.

The RAM Chassis 5500 is the heavy weight of the RAM Chassis Cab with up to 29,250 lbs for maximum towing and 11,711 lbs of
payload this is the truck to do the work. The SLT and Laramie models both are also available with the 6.7L Cummings® Turbo Diesel and 6-Speed Transmissions. The SLT is available with Standard or Crew Cabs and the Laramie with the Crew Cab.

The Tow/Haul Mode Select is a special feature of the RAM Chassis Cab, engineered for a more aggressive downshift schedule for
meeting hauling demands. It works seamlessly with the Cummings® Turbo Diesel’s Intergraded Exhaust Brake System to use the exhaust system when breaking heavy loads, saving the truck breaks. Also, Standard with all six-speed automatic transmissions is the Electronic Range Select (ERS) which allows the driver to select the optional gear for downshifting engine breaking to ensure proper breaking and control of the vehicle.

Another great feature is the Power Takeoff. Providing an uplift frame to support your current uplift bed it is engineered to work easy without extensive modifications. Supported by a Tandem Power (PTO) with the capability to run tandem pumps, along with a locking torque converter when in PTO mode for more flexibility in power uplifts. This is hauling dirt with a best in class uplift.

A large selection of new and used RAM trucks are available for sale at Hoyte Dodge located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on New Specials and Used Specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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HEMI® V8 Engines

HEMI® V8 Engines – Ultimate Power

Have you ever thought about what the acronym HEMI means? Well it is not an acronym, it is the registered trade mark for the powerful Chrysler HEMI® V8 engine that was developed in the 1950’s. It is a very unique designed engine with a name that is derived from the word “hemisphere”. With the development of the original design that transformed the combustion chamber into a hemisphere form. Meaning there is a conclave chamber above the cylinder head with the spark plug located at the top of the chamber and with the valves on each side that causes the air to flow across the cylinder head thereby igniting the fuel and creating a more efficient cross airflow for the in-take and exhaust valves.

Chrysler has produced three generations of this engine design. The first generation is described above and is referred to as the “Chrysler Fire Power Engine” it produces 331 cubic inches (5.4L V8) of horsepower. With the evolution of muscle cars during the 50’s and 60’s this engine generated car sales growth and the buying public’s desire for more and more horsepower making the Dodge mussel cars of that era one of the top choices for “street machines”. The second engine introduced was the 426 HEMI (7.0L V8) developed for NASCAR in the early 1960’s. A street version of this engine was produced in 1966. The third version is the 5.7L V8 HEMI® with 345 cubic inches of displacement it produced 345 horsepower. The combustion chamber in this engine is no longer a true hemispherical design. It has two spark plugs for more fuel burning efficiency. This engine is designed for cost savings while providing maximum economy making it an excellent engine for smaller automobile frames.

In the 2013 RAM Truck series today’s HEMI® V8 is a marvel in engineering. With Fuel Saver Technology it delivers 372 HP when connected to a five speed automatic transmission with “Best in Class” 25 MPG hwy or with a standard TREMEC® six speed manual transmission producing a hard working, strong towing 375 horsepower. Available in all models of RAM Trucks starting with the RAM 1500, winner of the 2013 Motor Trend “Truck of the Year” through the Powerful RAM heavy duty 5500 series with a option of the new 6.4L HEMI VVTY V8 producing 367 HP. All RAM Trucks may be equipped with a HEMI® to go anywhere, do anything, and get the job done.

The 2013 Chrysler 300 meets all of your city, highway, or Interstate driving expectations. With a quite road hugging powerful HEMI® 5.7L V8 it delivers 363 horsepower and 16 city/ 25 hwy MPG. This is outstanding performance with the boost to provide a smooth relaxing ride at the speeds allowed in today’s hectic pressure driving environment and when power is not required the Fuel Saver Technology takes over without you doing anything.

Next we find the HEMI® 5.7L V8 in the 2013 Dodge Challenger RT, RT Plus, R/T Classic and R/T SRT8 models. What a rush, from 0-60 before you get settled into the seat, this mussel car is still the favorite of all generations since the 60’s.

Speaking of the sixty’s, who remembers the Super Bee®? The 2013 SRT® Super Bee is sporting the 6.4L HEMI® V8 with an eye popping 470 HP engine with 470 ft/lb of torque. This will get you where you are going in a hurry and with Fuel Saver Technology to save those precious gallons of gas.

Rounding out the Dodge Charger series is the Dodge Charger SRT8® with the same powerful 6.4L HEMI® V8 and a lot of extras to complement this top of the line power house. Drop by Hoyte Dodge in Sherman Texas. Crank it up and listen to the surge.

The powerful HEMI® V8 engine is featured at Hoyte Dodge. We have a large selection of new and used vehicles with this award winning engine for sale. Our friendly dealership is located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on New Truck and Car Specials and Used Truck and Car Specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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2014 RAM 1500 Turbo EcoDiesel V6

2014 RAM 1500 Turbo EcoDiesel V6 – One of a Kind

America has waited a long time for a diesel engine in a light duty truck. RAM has made that dream come true in the soon to be
released 2014 RAM 1500. This new 2014 RAM 1500 series truck will be available at Hoyte Dodge in the very near future and there
is a lot of excitement as we anticipate its arrival.

Today’s truck owner requires a lot more in a truck than in recent years and RAM Trucks are engineered, manufactured, and
warranted to deliver a total packaged to the truck market. This is a very competitive market and with this innovation in
pickups RAM has jumped to the lead with their new 3.0L Turbo EcoDiesel V6 engine. Long the proven leader of diesel engines in
heavy duty work trucks such as the RAM 2500, RAM 3500, and RAM 4500 Chassis Cab, the RAM 3.0L Turbo EcoDiesel V6 has given the
half ton truck new meaning.

To cover all of the power, towing, and hauling requirements of today’s modern truck owner, RAM is now offering three engine
choices starting with the 3.6L Pentastar® VVT V6 with a Best-IN-Class 25 MPG highway or the powerful HEMI® 5.7L V8 that
delivers 363 horsepower and 16 city/ 25 highway these are proven gasoline engines and RAM now offers the only diesel engine in
a light truck with the 3.0L Turbo BioDiesel V6. This addition to a proven line of power engines RAM has brought a total design
to the market.

Manufactured by VM Motors the BioDiesel engine is designed for the 2014 RAM 1500 Truck series. The 2013 RAM won the triple
crown of truck awards (The North America Truck of the Year, Truck of Texas, and the Motor Trend Truck of the Year). RAM is
adding to these prestigious awards by adding the 3.0L Turbo EcoDiesel V6. This outstanding diesel engine is B20 BioDiesel
capable by delivering a Best-in-Class fuel efficiency, meaning it will emit less greenhouse gasses. Today’s emission standards are the strictest ever requiring less and less gasses to be released into the atmosphere. The EcoDiesel meets these high
standards of low CO2 emissions in every state.

The addition of the 3.0L Turbo EcoDiesel V6 in the 2014 RAM 1500 Truck series has enhanced the trucks powertrain. Coupled with
a TorqueFlite® 8 eight-speed transmission the EcoDiesel dual overhead (DOHC) 24-valve V6 will deliver 240 horsepower and 420
lb-ft of torque. That equates to more hauling and towing power with better MPG from a tank of fuel at less cost and more mussel
to get the job done.

The 2014 RAM Truck will feature a heated steering wheel and seats along with the state of the art Uconnect Voice system with
Bluetooth just to name a few of the modern in truck selections for your driving and listing comfort.

Hoyte Dodge will be featuring the EcoDiesel in the Tradesman, SLT, Outdoorsman, Big Horn, Sport, Laramie, and Laramie Longhorn
models in the very near future. We have a great selection of New RAM Trucks, Used RAM Trucks, and Used Dodge Ram Trucks. We have great specials for Sherman, Texas New Car and Truck Specials, Used Truck Specials, Parts Specials, Service Specials, and Tire

We have a large selection of new and used vehicles for sale. Our friendly dealership is located at 2300 North Highway 75 in
Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of
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2013 RAM Cargo Van Tradesman

2013 RAM Cargo Van Tradesman®- Best-In-Class

Does your business transport cargo that does not require a large heavy duty vehicle? Do you pick up or deliver items such as flowers or assorted sizes of boxes or other items too numerous to be mentioned in one sentence? A lot of considerations should be made when selecting a vehicle for this purpose such as overall size of the cargo area, number of pounds the cargo area will hold, or will it tow a trailer? Another important question is what kind of gas millage will it get? This equates directly to profit or loss.

The “Best-In-Class” 2013 RAM Cargo Van Tradesman® has the answer to all of these questions and then some more that have not been mentioned. Let’s learn more about what this very capable cargo van has to offer.

Start with the 3.6-Liter 24-Valve VVT Pentastar Engine. With Best-In-Class of 283 horsepower, Best-In-Class 260 LB-FT of torque, and Best-In-Class Fuel Economy it deliverers and estimated 18 MPG city and 25 hwy it is all about fuel economy and with a Best-In-Class Driving Range of 500 miles and a 20 gallon fuel tank you can deliver the goods while staying away from the fuel pump. VVT (Variable Valve Timing) operates by enhancing efficiency and power. Couple this to a Six-speed Automatic Transmission for smooth shifting in the city, suburbs, or highway.

Next, this is a cargo van designed to work hard, carry what is needed and with a Best-In-Class Cargo Capacity of 155.5 Cubic Feet it is larger than the nearest competitor by 25 cubic feet. The Best-In-Class Payload capacity of 1,800 pounds and with a Flat Load Aluminum Floor it means you can haul full sheets of 4X8 plywood to the job site without worrying about overloading it. Wash it out for easy cleaning and maintenance and did I mention three doors to access the cargo area. A sliding door on each side and a lift door in the rear for easy access to the cargo area.

Did I mention towing? The 2013 RAM C/V Tradesman® may be fitted with an available Trailer Tow Group. This class II hitch is designed and capable of towing a Best-In-Class maximum towing weight of 3,600 lbs. and with a Best-In-Class maximum payload of 1,800 lbs it is ready and able to provide the work load you need without the cost and expense of a larger truck. Have you noticed it is fully enclosed for all weather, all year round delivery and hauling?

Driver comfort is very important. When sitting in traffic or on a long trip entertainment provides comfort and relation. Equipped with the latest technology the Uconnect® 130 CD/MP3 audio system with audio jack input will play your favorite MP3 player for listening enjoyment.

Don’t forget the Best-In-Class 5 year 100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty to keep your C/V working day in and day out and with Electronic Stability Control and front, side and passenger airbags for the best in safety you are ready to get the job done.

The 2013 RAM Best-In-Class Cargo Van is at Hoyte Dodge. We have a large selection of new and used vehicles for sale. Our friendly dealership is located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on New Specials and Used Truck Specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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RAM® Trucks and Cummings® Diesel Engines

RAM® Trucks and Cummings® Diesel Engines “Get the Job Done”

Back in 1989 Dodge put a Cummings B-Series 5.9L engine in a RAM Truck. This started a tradition that continues today. With a 66,000 pound limit, this Cummings Diesel far exceeded other diesel engines in gross vehicle weight rating. Then in 2007 Cummings introduced the 6.7L Cummins® High-Output Turbo Diesel engine. Each year this popular engine has been improved. It is available in RAM Trucks today. providing 350 HP and 610 lb-ft of torque to meet the hauling and towing requirements of today’s business and recreational trucks.

It is the most powerful B-series diesel engine offered in today’s market.

With a long tradition of durability this popular engine is also efficient, quiet and clean. It offers outstanding horse power and torque, and a proven combination of advanced technologies. Equipped with a diesel exhaust fluid system it meets all Air Resource Board (ARB) state emission standards allowing it to idle indefinitely at a jobsite or campsite so you can use the HVAC and electrical features when they are not provided locally. For added safety and vehicle control while towing it also has an integrated exhaust brake system that is installed at on all RAM Trucks equipped with the Cummings diesel engine.

Torque means pulling and hauling power. You may be delivering a backhoe to a job site. Climbing a mountain pass alongside the “big boys”, pulling your boat to your favorite fishing lake, or making a local delivery. With the RAM Truck and Cummings Turbo Diesel engine you will get the job done and arrive safely at your destination. The 6.7L Cunnings engine maintains a peak torque between 1,500 and 2.800 RPM, it ensures you have the power to “get the job done”.

RAM Trucks have the unique advantage of having more engines and more miles on the road than any other diesel engine in the heavy duty pickup market today and are fully covered under a comprehensive warranty that shows how much confidence we have in its dependability and durability. Fewer parts and easy access to all service point’s means less time spent on maintenance and more time on the job site.

2013 RAM Trucks equipped with Cummings Turbo Diesel engines 6-spd manual or auto transmissions are available in the popular RAM 2500 and 3500 models. These pickups are designed for personal and business needs.

The new RAM Chassis Cab Models 4500 and 5500 are also available with the 6.7L Cummings Turbo Diesel. Designed for farming, construction, and emergency vehicles they are both tough and powerful. The upfit friendly frame is designed to accept a custom bed designed for a specific purpose and Best IN Class towing ™, they are ready to tackle any job.

A large selection of these trucks is available for sale at Hoyte Dodge located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge.com for a listing of current bargains on New and Pre-owned specials.

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RAM: Rebranding a Truck

RAM: Rebranding a Truck

The Dodge pickup dates back to 1921. With a Dodge Brother’s 35 horse power engine in a ½ ton pickup it was sold through Dodge Dealers. The Dodge brand has improved its early design to the powerful line of RAM Truck’s that are manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC and sold by RAM Dealers today. The name RAM derived from the ram hood ornament first used in 1933. In 2009 the name was Dodge RAM with the name changed to RAM Truck starting in 2010 until present.

In 2009 the Dodge RAM was fully redesigned. The 2 wheel drive trucks are powered by the 3.7L V6 with a 4 speed transmission. The 4 wheel drive trucks were fitted with a 4.7L V8 and a five speed transmission, reserving the 5.7L HEMI® V8 with a strong 360 HP and 5 speed transmission for the Laramie series. A change from leaf rear springs to a coil spring greatly improved the smoothness of the ride, making it more comfortable on the highway as well as on rough surfaces. The “Rambox” is introduced as an option on the quad cab and crew cab models. The complete package is a dramatic change over its 2008 predecessor.

With the release of the 2010 model the RAM Logo is no longer associated with Dodge. The full size pickup in now coming into its own and is quickly becoming the primary transportation for more and more families. In 2010 RAM recognizing this brought improvements to the suspension, improving the coil springs that were introduced in 2009 improving the overall ride and off-road stabilization. Upgrading the interior with high-quality materials and improving safety by adding other improvements such as front seat side airbags, full side curtain air bags, hill-start assist, and trailer-sway control when towing large loads, four-wheel anti-lock brakes. Also, the addition of a tire pressure monitor along with an integrated brake control system and improved towing mirrors.

2011 brought a few changes to the interior and exterior trim. The truck is now rapidly gaining popularity with the younger generation. It has always been a friend to the hard working construction and farming community. Interior designs are improving each year. Comfort while driving is in high demand and RAM has stepped up to the task. With 4 different trim selections that include 17 inch chrome clad wheels, the improved Uconnect communications system that includes, a popular touchscreen display, a USB port, CD/DVD/MP3 player, Bluetooth, an upgraded audio system with CD/DVD/MP3 player, HD radio, and a 30GB hard drive. Driving a pickup now is a pleasure apart from the older models that bounced with every pot hole in the road.

In 2012 RAM has introduced a new six-speed automatic transmission to complement the strong 5.7L HEMI V8 and Cummings 6.7LTurbo charged Diesel. With 4WD the RAM satisfies the hauling and towing needs of the everyday pickup owner. A small business owner can perform task such as hauling vehicles and lawn services with minimal overhead. The 4 trim packages that were described for the 2011 RAM’s Trucks are still available and improved. Seating in the Crew Cab provides additional leg room making the occupants who are riding in the back seat more comfortable. With additional storage spaces including a large center console and watertight storage compartments under the floor of the crew cab and including the “rambox” available on some bed sizes having tools with you at all times is a great addition.

Today’s 2013 RAM Truck is powered by a variety of larger more powerful fuel efficient engines starting with a stronger 3.6L Pentastar® V6 with 305 horsepower and boosting fuel economy to 17mpg city and 25 mpg on the highway. With two V8 gasoline engines to choose from, the 4.7L FFV® V8 with 310 horsepower and the popular 5.7L V8 HEMI® with 395 horsepower along with the powerful 6.7L Cummings® Turbo Diesel producing 325 horsepower giving the RAM trucks a large selection of engines coupled with a 6 or 8 speed automatic or manual transmission to complement the needs of each model. With gas prices at or near record highs MPG is vital to saving in today’s economy. RAM has improved MPG by building more efficient engines and better transmissions. Redesigned frames made with high-strength steel and lighter weight. An air suspension system that levels the bed when a heavy load is attached, raises the entire truck as much as 4 inches for more ground clearance when needed, and then automatically lowers it at highway speeds to reduce drag along with automatic load-leveling capabilities to improve overall towing and handling performance.

Looking to the very near future, the 2014 Ram Heavy Duty Truck will be able to tow up to 30,000 lbs that’s two tons more than the competition

A large selection of New and Used RAM Trucks are available for sale at Hoyte Dodge located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on New Specials and Used Specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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RAM Truck Owners are Loyal

RAM Truck Owners are Loyal

Do you remember your first RAM Truck? The tradition of loyalty to a car or truck manufacture is an American tradition. Most men and women create a loyalty when they purchase their first truck. That first truck brings a pride of ownership and the desire to show it off to all their friends. Then sit back with a smile and a puffed out chest as they offer congratulations and statements like “Man, I wish I could own one like that” or “What a beauty”. Then there is that person who has a different brand and thinks it is the best. This creates completion among friends for a life time. Friends who year in and year out will
only buy their brand and look forward to bragging rights about who owns the best truck and try to convince everyone else their truck is the best.

RAM Trucks have the most loyal truck owners of all. They are proud to say “I own a RAM”, or “My diesel truck will pull anything”. The one I like most of all “listen to that engine”. This has been a subject of not only pride, but real truth. Yes, the 2014 RAM Trucks are all of these and many more.

If you are not a RAM truck owner or have never owned a truck, now is the time to start your legacy. Now is the time to purchase that special truck to get the job done. The 2014 RAM 1500 is the truck that has been awarded the first back to back Motor Trend “Truck of the Year” for 2013 and 2014. This is a highly sought recognition by truck manufactures and RAM now has the bragging rights of being the champion for two consecutive years. We in Texas are known for our ability to brag. We are now bragging about the 2014 RAM 1500 being awarded the “Truck of Texas” by the Texas Auto Writers Association which is also back to back years. Let’s also include “Truck Line of Texas” which amounts to seven individual awards that include “Best Power Train” and “Best Technology”. The list goes on and on.

Now you understand why truck owners are loyal, why they brag, and why they are so proud of their truck. The RAM family of Trucks are the top of the line. Starting with the famous RAM 1500, the            RAM 2500 and RAM 3550. For hauling and towing these
trucks are designed for work and pleasure. Towing the products needed for a job throughout the week and then the boat to the
lake for a weekend of fishing and fun. The RAM Commercial Trucks offer a selection of reliable trucks for that one owner company doing the job every day, or the company with a fleet of trucks. You will find loyalty here also.

We at Hoyte Dodge are eagerly waiting on the new EcoDiesel engine that will be available in the RAM 1500 models in the very near future.

Hoyte Dodge is proud to offer the family new 2014 RAM Trucks. We have the bragging rights. Stop by our showroom today for yours. You will smile and look forward to showing it of.

We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. Contacted us by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at
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RAM Name Change

RAM It’s All in the Name!

On November 4th 2009 Chrysler Group LLC announced the Ram branded trucks will official change the name from Dodge RAM to “RAM”. With this change Dodge separated the Dodge brand and created a whole new lifestyle of trucks that are in its 4th generation of trucks.

The logo features the well known head of a ram on the grill. This has been a symbol of excellence that first appeared on Dodge vehicles back in 1933 and continues as the icon of the RAM truck.

Featuring the 2013 Motor Trend truck of the year, RAM Trucks are sold by Hoyte Dodge. They feature a line of full size trucks designed for the buyer who wants a real truck that will get the job done rather than the causal buyer, starting with the ever popular RAM 1500 that is a favorite of truck buyers who want a style that stands out in the
city or country. They also include RAM 2500, RAM 3500, RAM 4500 and RAM 5500 models designed to get the job done.

All RAM trucks are designed to get the job done and are available for sale at Hoyte Dodge located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at Hoyte Dodge for a listing of bargains on new and used car specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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RAM Name Change

2013 RAM 1500

2013 RAM 1500 – “Truck of the Year” Awards

The 2013 RAM 1500 Truck has been awarded multiple awards including the Motor Trend Truck of the Year®. This prestigious award is only awarded to the industry’s best each year and RAM is very proud to accept this award. In making this award Motor Trend “heralds the RAM brand for standing apart from the competition”.

Without the loyal RAM truck owners who year in and year out purchase and drive this outstanding truck this award would not have been possible. It is for these people that the 2013 RAM 1500 truck was designed, engineered, and manufactured.

The year of 2013 has been a great year for RAM Truck awards. In January of 2013 at the North American International Auto Show (NAISAS) held in Detroit, the 2013 RAM Truck was awarded the “North American Truck of the Year”.

The new 2013 RAM 1500 was also awarded the “Official Truck of Texas” by the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA). This award also includes being named “Full-Size Truck of Texas”. The Laramie Longhorn model was awarded the “Luxury Pickup of Texas”. All of these awards meant that as a group RAM also received the award “Truck Line of Texas”.

“Texas accounts for nearly 20 percent of the total U.S. pickup market and has earned the ‘Center of the Truck Universe’ title,” according to Fred Diaz, a San Antonio, Texas, native and president and CEO—Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico, Chrysler Group LLC. “Honoring the 2013 Ram 1500 with the all-around Truck of Texas award is
important to our customers, our dealers and our company.”

With an all new body and interior design which includes powerful engines that achieve over 25 miles per gallon they include an engine selection from a 3.6L 24 valve VVT V6 to the powerful 5.7L HEMI V8 that are matched to TorqueFlite 8-speed transmissions, these trucks are designed for everyday use in today’s active lifestyle. They WILL get the job done.

All RAM trucks offer a verity of body styles starting with the economically priced Tradesman to the luxurious Laramie Longhorn that are comfortable and road tough providing many years and miles of longevity along with an available air suspension that is miles ahead in a light-duty pickup. This system can be used to raise the vehicle
for more ground clearance or be lowered for highway driving.

Hoyte Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has been serving the greater Sherman area for over 40 years, and has made it our mission to “Treat our Customers like Family”.

The 2013 RAM trucks are available for sale at Hoyte Dodge located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on New Specials and Used Specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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The New 2014 RAM 3500

The New 2014 RAM 3500 – Gets the Job Done

A working truck requires many attributes. In the truck industry working has a broad definition. It could be defined as pulling a large travel trailer on vacation or to a favorite camping spot. A more common definition is hauling and pulling large loads to or from a work site. In reality it is defined as a tool to get the “Job Done”. A heavy duty truck that is designed, engineered and manufactured to do the work is the 2014 RAM 3500.

A working truck must be durable, sturdy, and ready to go when it is needed. The interior must be comfortable. Long hours are sometimes spent behind the wheel. The 2014 RAM Heavy Duty 3500 Truck meets all of these requirements. With a Best-in-Class towing weight of 30,000 pounds (that’s 15 tons) to pull the largest weight you can safely load. That is pounds and pounds above the published rate of like competition. You can now pull that 35 foot, three-slide out travel trailer to a remote campsite you have never visited. Towing a large tractor to the farm, job site, or pulling a trailer of cars to a dealer. Even that large cattle trailer bound for market just to name a few. Combine this with a Best–in-Class 850 pound-feet of torque to provide the force needed to climb the steepest mountain pass or pull a trailer loaded build supplies.

With the available 6.7L Cummings® Turbo Diesel Engine coupled to a six-speed manual or automatic multirange transmission and electronically controlled gear ratios that are optimized for the best performance and efficiency. Intake air to the engine also improves MPG and engine efficiency along with more horsepower when it is needed during heavy towing. The RAM ACTIVE AIR™ Intake system is state-of –the-art computer controlled valve system located in the engines air box to provide air during the toughest conditions. Improved efficiency is the result of all these working together to get the “Job Done”.

If a gasoline engine is desired two outstanding engines are available. The Legendary 5.7L HEMI® V8 with VVT is recognized for its outstanding performance. Producing 383 horsepower and 400 pound–feet of torque it is designed for maximum airflow for power to spare. New for 2014 is the 6.4L HEMI® V8. With an impressive 410 HP, this engine is equipped with RAMs Fuel Saver Technology that shuts down four of the cylinders when traveling with lighter loads to increase the fuel efficiency without sacrificing any horsepower. It is also designed with two spark plugs per cylinder to burn the fuel more efficiency while at the same time increasing power.

RAM is leading the industry with the Best-in-Class 2014 RAM 3500. With a five year 100,000 mile Power Train Limited Warranty you will be getting the “Job Done” for a long time.

Hoyte Dodge is featuring the 2014 RAM 3500. We also have a selection of New RAM Trucks, Used RAM Trucks, and Used Dodge Ram’s in all models to choose from. We have great specials to offer. New Car and Truck Specials, Used Car and Truck Specials, Parts Specials, Service Specials, and Tire Specials.

We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at Hoytedodge.

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